30 Second Mysteries

30 Second Mysteries . Spinner Books, 2003.


A man builds a castle but never lives in it, despite its popularity. Even after his death, millons pay homage every year, encountering enormous beasts and witnessing terrible explosions. Though exhausted and drained of valuable resources, many feel compelled to make another pilgrimage to the castle´s ground in the future.

Who built the castle and where is it?

A TV movie producer designed the castle
The castle is part of a magical place
The castle is in California
The castle is surrounded by an amusement park
The castle´s creator brough Pinocchio to Life

Walt Disney built the Castle as part of Disneyland

A boy enters the bedroom of a young woman and her siblings. He does not use the door to enter, even though the young woman´s room is three floors up. His primary purpose is to find something he´s left behind. When his business is concluded, he leaves by the same means he used to arrive.

Who is the boy and what was he looking for?

The boy is famous for his adventures
The young woman is british
The young woman and her siblings are little Darlings
The boy felt as though he´d lost part of himself
Some say the boy will never grow up.

The boy is Peter Pan. He was looking for his shadow

A widow gives birth to a son with a slight deformity. Many in her community cruelly taunt and torment the son. When the widow tries to defend him, she is imprisoned. However, as the son grows older, he discovers his deformity has given him an unusual ability to fame and fortune.

What is the son´s deformity and what special ability does he have?

The widow is an enterteiner and performer
The son does not discover his unusual ability until he gets drunk
A magic Feather gives the son confidence in himself
The widow´s husband named Jumbo
Mother and son are both Disney Characters

The son is Dumbo, an elephant born with enormous ears. The ears give him the ability to fly

At night is a quiet neighborhood mobs of people move through the streets, using threats to extort handouts from the residents. Although they continue their behavior for several hours, no one reports them to the authorities or even complains.

Why are these people moving through the streets and what threat do they make?

Many of the people are frightening to look at
The residents knew this would happen ahead of time
The people are nor doing anything illegal
This is an annual event

The people are children in Halloween costumes who want candy when they say "Trick or treat!"

Melissa parks her car and enters a large building. She is stopped by a man in uniform and is asked to prove her identity or leave the building. Melissa is taken to a machine and several of her personal possessions are confiscated. She then eats a hotdog and waits patiently in a high security area until she can leave the premises and get on with her plans for the day.

Where is Melissa and what is she waiting for?

Melissa bought the hot dog in the building
Melissa is concerned about a storm warning
Melissa waits in the room for over an hour before she is permitted to leave
The room Melissa sits in only has thre walls
One of the items confiscated is a pair of scissors

Melissa is at an airport, waiting to catch a plane

Marie and her best friend Rose are having a party. As the hostess, Marie entertains all the guests, but Rose just sits silently and stares at the wall. Marie serves her, but Rose never eats or drinks a thing. Soon Marie gets bored and puts Rose in a small room for remainder of the evening. Luckily, Rose doen´t mind this at all

Why doesnt´s Rose mind the isolation and what type of party are they attending?

The two friends are not fighting
Rose acts this way all the time
Food and drink are not required to make this party a success
Rose is kept in a room with others like her, none of whom talk to each other
Marie is in kindergarten

They are at an imaginary tea party and Rose is a doll that is placed in a playroom